An interesting (paid) research opportunity at NESTA

One thing that happened recently is that I became a Clore fellow.

For those of you who don’t know about Clore, it is a programme designed to develop leaders in the cultural sector. It involves formal training as a group, a secondment to a large organisation for 3 months, and a tailor-made programme of research and attendance at bespoke training, as well as mentoring. High profile contributors to the training include Lord Putnam, Andrew Motion, Charles Handy, Tim Smit (founder of Eden Project), Kevin Spacey, Jonathan Porrit, Andy Burnham (Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport), Lord Hollick, Baroness Helena Kennedy, Jasmin Alibai-Brown, Kwame Kwei-Armagh, Sir Stuart Hampson, Sir Nicolas Serota to name but a few!

This from their website (

“The Clore Leadership Programme aims to help to train and develop outstanding leaders in the arts. Fellows have been selected annually, from the cultural sector and beyond, to undertake an individually tailored programme of tuition, research, mentoring and secondment designed to develop their leadership skills, knowledge, networks and experience. Since September 2004, 132 cultural leaders will have been awarded Fellowships on the Clore Leadership Programme.

The Clore Leadership Programme, announced the twenty-three Clore Leadership Fellows for 2008/9 at a Conference at the Southbank Centre held on Thursday 5 June 2008. The announcement was made by the Director of the Clore Leadership Programme, the Rt Hon Lord Smith of Finsbury, who said: “This will be the fifth group of Clore Fellows we’ve welcomed onto our Leadership Programme, and they are a truly impressive range of people from all parts of the cultural sector.””

My fellowship is sponsored by NESTA – the National Endowment of Science, Technology and Arts. You can find out about them (and their Clore support) via this link:

Yeah, and?

Well, this now means that I get all sorts of interesting offers.

For example, NESTA have just put out an ad for a new part-time creative industries research fellow position. They say:

“It would suit a researcher who wants to combine the fellowship with work at a university or a thinktank. We’re also open to someone coming in on secondment. On the offchance that you know of folk who might be interested in working with me at NESTA I am sending you the link (below).

It looks like a really interested opportunity to get to know NESTA and research the Creative Industries and get paid for it!

Exactly the type of opportunity that’s better here on our blog than in my inbox!



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