And now for something completely different!

Yes, an unashamed Monty Python reference.  But after the relative seriousness of yesterday’s post I just wanted to share something else we’re working on that has a really upbeat feel!

Between October 2007 and April of this year I ran four Metapod courses.  Metapod’s “Be Effective” courses have been around for about six years or so, arising out of the Metapod website and festival started by Wolverhampton Light House many years ago. The seven-session course focuses on business planning skills for creative businesses.

Over the years, the Metapod Be Effective course has evolved into a really solid course for those creatives who want to turn their creative talent into a business – and it’s where it differs from a lot of courses like that is that it is run BY a creative business – Fierce Earth.  It’s our work as producers of festivals and events that give the training an authenticity (and a relevance) all of its very own.  And our featured speakers really are experts in their field and wherever possible (except for obvious things like Customs and Excise!) our featured speakers are successful creatives in their own right.

But the thing I love, about delivering Metapod over seven sessions, is the changes it brings about in the people who attend.  Most participants attend most of the sessions – and the group attain a real bond.  Partly because they are all trying to do the same thing – make a business from the thing they love to do creatively.  And I think that for many, this is the first time that a whole room of people take that ambition seriously.  Take them seriously. 

 So we are creating a Metapod website at the moment and part of our content is some follow up from participants to track the longer term impact of participating in Metapod.  And I thought it would be interesting to share some of the quotes with you, because reading them has really made my day!

Here are some sample questions and typical responses

As a result of Metapod, what did you either a) STOP doing, b) DO Differently and c) START doing?

I stopped apologising, instead I talked about my business positively.

I started to take my business idea more seriously and felt empowered by the knowledge I learnt on the course. It encouraged me that I could do it!

What piece of advice did you pick up at Metapod that most made a difference to your business today?

One thing was, if you talk about your business in a confused way or like its not much, then other people will think that’s its not much as well. Your attitude is important because it reflects onto your business.

One has to decide exactly what it is their business is going to provide. Once you have done this it becomes easier accepting and declining work rather than trying to do everything.

 How valuable did you find the training and advice for your business?

It was inspiring being around other creative people. We had the opportunity to meet people who were running businesses in the creative industry who were not really that different to us.

I found many of the training days and guest speakers useful and inspirational.  It broke some of the ‘mysteries’ of functioning within the creative industries.

I feel  confident and  clear about my business  which has had a really positive impact  on the way I approach both  clients, contacts  and opportunities. 

Thanks then to the participants who have responded to our questionnaire – you know who you are so I will spare your blushes.  If you’d like to know more about Metapod – or express an interest in attending – then please contact us at the office or e-mail


One thought on “And now for something completely different!

  1. As a none questionaire responder! Sorry. I thought i would leave a comment about metapod.

    For me it came out of the blue and it was not something i would normaly have attended but i have to say that it has made a huge a positive impact on me personally and my attitude towards the business of being a artist. It made me feel less alone and more hopeful than ever. My only regret is that it couldn’t continue for longer and that I didnt keep up with those I met!

    thank you to everyone involved!!


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