Milee is grazing The New Art Gallery Walsall with her presence

Some of you may already know, and for those who don’t…Fierce! run an annual artist development programme called Platinum! Each year we call for culturally diverse artists based in the West Midlands working in performance, music, dance, theatre, video or spoken word. A key feature is that the selected artists have had an opportunity to present a work in progress as part of the Platinum strand at the Fierce! Festival.

We are pleased to see that Feng-Ru Lee or ‘Milee the Sheep’ (in tribute to the Dolly the cloned sheep), who has just participated in this year’s Platinum scheme is currently in residence with The New Art Gallery Walsall.

Her residence runs from the 8th July until 29th August, the grassed areas will be available in the foyer, the Artists’ Studio and roof terrace from Tuesday 19th to Wed 27th August and worth the trip to see her and hang out on the pasture!

Just as this years’ summer looks to be another washout, current artist in residence Feng-Ru Lee brings a ray of hope to the gallery. By laying an area of fresh turf through the building, she will create spaces for visitors to relax, congregate and enjoy lazy afternoons. The luscious meadows will also provide a pen for Feng-Ru’s alter-ego ‘Milee the sheep’ – a tribute to the original cloned sheep ‘Dolly’.

Grassed areas will be present in the foyer, Artists’ Studio and roof terrace from Tuesday 19 August – Wednesday 27 August 2008.

Open studio event: Wednesday 27 August 2008, 2-4pm

Free – all welcome.

You may have had the opportunity to see Milee during this year’s Fierce! Festival with Into the Space and you can still see her work on Fierce TV on the My Fierce Festival Site.

Our Platinum scheme has been supporting artists since 2004 providing them not only with a platform to present work in progress, but to develop individual learning plans, provide artist-led workshops and one to one mentoring from a practising artist.

It is a great programme with potential to have a direct impact on an artist’s process. The most beneficial part of the programme for myself was visiting NRLA Glasgow which has left an impression on me for my future work. Also the opportunity to be guided and mentored which helped me receive immediate feedback on my work.
Shane Shambhu

The mentoring programme worked very well. I chose Lone Twin not expecting to get them, but Platinum did. Greg helped me to pull together the fragments of my story into a performance and encouraged me to go for my gut instinct.
Trevor Woolery

And, Great News! The next Platinum will be open to all artists from West Midlands who are looking to develop and take risks with their practice, although priority will still be given to BME artists.

We’ll be launching next year’s scheme this autumn, probably with a fresh series of Fierce! Talks – only this time in a variety of regional settings. Watch this space for updates on speakers and call for applications!


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