Unsubscribe Me Jiva!

Since our post last week about the achievements of our Platinum artist Feng-Ru Lee (Milee) it reminded me of another former Platinum artist that has done some really interesting work that you may not have seen – Jiva Parthipan.

Jiva was a part of Platinum in 2006 and he performed at Fierce Ten with an installation work at the Custard Factory and Warwick Arts Centre programmed in as part of  this years Fierce! Festival with ‘Terror of Living/Necessary Journeys’. Jiva also shared his practice in the Fierce Talks:

Jiva Parthipan is a trans-disciplinary artist and performer whose work is often considered with the manner in which power is negotiated in the interpersonal, social, geopolitical and sexual spheres. Depending on the idea and context he utilises a variety of disciplines and strategies ranging from games, dance, video, text, lecture and interventions to realise his ideas.

Fierce! Program 2008

One of Jiva’s most recent projects has been working with Amnesty International and their unsubscribe movement, highlighting the human rights abuse permitted in the ‘war on terror’.  We’ve featured the adverts below, but be warned, this work is not for the faint hearted!  But they are both very powerful and disturbing performances from Jiva – and the calibre of his work makes both films all the more resonant. 


Jiva, Feng-Ru Lee and all our Platinum participants show the international calibre of the West Midlands artists.  Through Platinum, Fierce! can support those practitioners and support that vital element of the local creative economy – opportunities to work, exhibit and perform in this region.


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