The future of Fierce post gets Birmingham Post’s attention

Since our post on the 4th August ‘Fierce Earth looks to the future’ we have received a lot of interest in our plans and what this means for Fierce and Birmingham.

Fierce! Festival this year completed its 11th celebration of performance and live art in the West Midlands. Since 1998 Fierce! has passionately presented international artists, supported the growth of home-grown talent and put Birmingham and the region on the international festival map.

Fierce Ten was the most ambitious festival in 2007 celebrating the 10th year of Festival would like to go on producing ambitious, large scale, eye-popping moments of contemporary art. We want to focus our efforts on securing partners and funds to keep our programming at the forefront of contemporary art and fabulous experiences.

Following the post – which was also featured on Created in Birmingham – we were contacted by the Birmingham Post who then covered the issue on Monday 11th August ‘Fierce fundraising focus keeps Festival on hold’

“The festival isn’t dead, there just won’t be a festival in 2009 in the way there has been in previous years.”

‘Fierce said it would continue to produce ambitious public projects throughout 2009 and support the festival’s partners who want to stage their own events next May and June.’

We have already put Birmingham on the map; we now want to keep it there!


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