Looking for Something?

As you may know we run training courses for emerging creative entrepreneurs under the Metapod banner.

It’s always nice to see Metapod participants respond to the course content. One thing we introduced into our marketing course recently was a focus on blogging and social media as a way of businesses establishing a dialogue with audiences and customers. It is taught by the mighty Pete Ashton, creator of Created in Birmingham.

Since then, notable bloggers and new web presences have included Gemma Thomas, who is currently on placement with us and documenting her exciting times on My Fierce Placement, Karen Osborne’s lovely new site for Kaos Arts and the talented artist Dean Melbourne.

Finished Lilly by Dean Melbourne

Finished Lilly by Dean Melbourne

If you haven’t already take a look at From Perfume to Birdsong he talks about his work and influences.

Dean is now part of The Something Foundation which is a ‘new and exciting’ artist collective based in the West Midlands. It’s a really exciting initiative with artists based in Wolverhampton and the Black Country supporting one another and creating work and events for the public. You can find out about their work on their blog too!

Dean has continued to build on his learning from the Wolverhampton Metapod Be Effective course and joining The Something Foundation is just another step forward in his artistic discovery.

The Something Foundation will be putting on their first exhibition/event on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st September at The Churchill Citizens Club, 1073 Warwick Rd, Acocks Green, B27 6QT.

Saturday the building will be taken over by the artists for an exhibition of a variety of visual arts including painting and installations.

Sunday sees an unusual event – an all day party from 2pm. It features live music from King Pleasure and Boogie Band and a Hog Roast! Tickets will be £10 and you will be able to pay on the door. To reserve your place please e-mail: thesomethingfoundation@hotmail.co.uk.

If you want to support emerging talent in the region, pick up a painting before these guys hit the big time – or just have some pig in a bap and a boogie – then get yourself to Acocks Green!


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