Fierce Encounters at the Biennial

Liverpool’s fifth biennial started on the 20th September and a couple of our friends and associate artists are involved…

Mitra Memarzia

On Saturday 4th October and as part of Liverpool Independents Biennial 08 Elena Cassidy-Smith and Mitra Memarzia staged an intervention ‘Armarda’ at the Albert Docks.

‘We will invite passers by to make folded paper ships from pages of the financial times, that collectivly will form a mini armarda on the keyside.
The use of paper, a fragile,transient material reflects the sustainability of UKs port industries, such as ship building and the shift in port city revenues from tourism and private investment.’

Mitra is an artist and curator who took part in our Momentum scheme that ran last year and a speaker at a number of our Metapod sessions. Mitra is an international artist who now is exploring curatorial programming which Momentum is specifically aligned to do.

We provided support, group and tailored training, advice, and guidance to curators/producers based in the West Midlands to secure the Momentum participants place as the creative people to watch…Mitra is certainly proof of the pudding!

Manuel Vason

As part of the Biennial Manuel Vason will be exhibiting a selection of works from ‘Encounters’ at the A Foundation on Greenland Street, Liverpool, L1 0BY. The exhibition will include two new works never shown before. Manuel was the creator of our iconic ‘Fierce 10’ image that covered our brochure.

Image by Manuel Vason for Fierce! Festival

Image by Manuel Vason for Fierce! Festival

Some of you may know him from his ground-breaking work with Live Artists – ‘Pure Collaborations’

‘Since first photographing Franco B’s performance, I Miss You! in 1999, Manuel Vason has worked with an impressive roll call of performance and live artists, including Ron Athey, Stuart Brisley, Alastair MacLennan, Kira O’Reilly and Guillermo Gomez-Pena. Describing his photographs as collaborations, the artists perform exclusively for Vason,shooting in locations and conditions that allow the performer the opportunity to experiment with new relationships with the site and body.’

Another ‘Great’ Fierce has been lucky enough to work with!

Manuel Vason: Encounters runs for the length of the Biennial which finishes on 30th November 2008.

The A Foundation is open Tuesday – Saturday from 12-6pm and best of all admission is FREE! Make sure it’s in your diary…it’s firmly placed in ours!

Both Mitra and Manuel are brilliant people and artists, and part of the extended Fierce family who continue to produce exceptional work from the Fierce legacy! Keep it up!


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