Brummie of the Year – Vote Helga!

Last week nominations opened for the Brummie of the Year 2008 on Birmingham: it’s Not Shit and lots of people nominated Fierce’s very own Helga Henry!

Here are a couple of the nomination comments:

“not only is she a very motivated & motivational force behind the Fierce organisation, but she is the perfect ambassador for the Second City. She never fails to big up the many attractions of Brum, is key in attracting creatives to the city & combines this with a sound knowledge of how to produce successful, profitable & artistic events in the city.”

“She constantly strives to promote and improve Birmingham through her work at Fierce, Creative Republic, on various boards, but also in social and unusual ways – like WibWob (woman of Birmingham, Women in Birmingham) a simple meal between women that encourages women in the arts to get together, network, talk and have a straight forward good time!

Always pro-active, always smiling, and Birmingham-proud – she’d make a brilliant Brummie of the year!”

Click here to see all comments.

Voting is now open so from all of us at Fierce, we say: VOTE HELGA!!!

To add, Helga says: “A vote for her is a vote for the creative sector.”


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