Michael Wolff…the Masterclass!

The long awaited Masterclass with Michael Wolff took place at the NEW Fazeley Studios in Digbeth.

For those of you who have not heard of Michael Wolff, he is one of the leading brand experts in UK and co-founder of iconic brand consultants Wolff Olins. With an impressive back catalogue of corporate and political clients, Michael is far more interested in the future than the past and the Masterclass did just that…the future of Birmingham!

Introductions were given by Helga and Debra Davis, Director of Public Relations and Communications at Birmingham City Council announced the consultation stage of the Big City Plan will be in the not to distant future and Creative Republic will be a part of that.

Stef Lewandowski then introduced the concept of “Creative Director for Birmingham” and the awaited Michael Wolff.

After a short and inspirational speech from Michael, the true pragmatist had each table set to work on the future of Birmingham looking at the elderly, transport, healthcare, culture, housing, young people and brand (I think that was all of them?!). Asking us just one thing, “Take things to their limit, to the point when they really work”.

After 45minutes of discussing and brainstorming, each table had created a number of concepts and given accountability for making “things happen” in Birmingham. Then, to cap it off, the people on the table had to commit to making them happen. Some of the great ideas included:

– a congestion charge paid for by Brummies that got re-bated if you took part in certain “green” initiatives;
– learning in pubs for people of all ages;
– an “academy of experience” – a sort of of Radical alternative to the House of Lords; and
– designing houses around happiness;

The list goes on, and, as Michael said, if only one or two ideas in the room are carried out – we’ll have done a lot for the City.

A great evening had by all, in a very smart setting.

Photos available on the Creative Republic site…


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