Congratulations to Created in Birmingham!

A big Fierce! congratulations to Created in Birmingham, Chris Unitt and the team for winning the 2008 Weblog Award for Best UK Blog!

This is the second award for CiB following last years ‘Media Guardian Innovation Award’ (Joint-winner) for Independent Blog 2008 under Pete Ashton’s reign and Chris Unitt and the team have followed in his award-winning footsteps!

Congratulations to Pete Ashton who was also nominated for the same award and I’m sure we all recognise that CiB would not be what is today without the hard work of people like Pete and Chris and all those who support it!

So congratulations again to CiB and the Creative Industries in Birmingham, long may it continue!

And here’s a warm welcome to Kate Spragg, the new face of CiB from all the Fierce team!


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