West Midlands to Advantage from Creative Leadership

As you may know Helga is currently the NESTA Clore fellow for 2008/9 and our very own Mark Ball was a Clore fellow 2006/7. Therefore we were delighted to find out that 2009/10 will see the first West Midlands fellowship supported by Advantage West Midlands.

The Clore Leadership Programme provides each fellow with an individual programme of learning, research, training, mentoring and secondment to enhance the leadership skills.

Helga Henry taken from Stef's Clore Flickr Stream

Stef at Bore Place: Helga Henry taken from Stef's Clore Flickr Stream

Helga is currently joined by Stef Lewandowski as 2008/9 Clore fellow and they are both on the board of Creative Republic alongside Mark Ball.

This is what Helga had to say about the AWM funding:

‘The fantastic news that AWM are funding a Clore Fellowship for someone to develop their career as a cultural leader in the West Midlands is symbolic of the important contributions that individuals from the creative and cultural industries make.

As one of this year’s fellows, I feel particularly privileged to have access to the network, mentoring and training available. I feel my experience with Clore has made my leadership of Creative Republic more productive, allowing the organisation to thrive and represent its signatories from the cultural and creative industries more effectively.’

To find out more about applications visit the Clore Leadership website and if you think you are a contender contact us if you’d like any support.


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