Sing Hallelujah – Reverend Billy is coming!

Reverend Billy and his Gospel Choir of Life after Shopping are coming to Birmingham on 29th May at Ikon Gallery as part of his ‘The UK Shopocalypse Tour’ .

The show will be part of Fierce! Festival’s year round programme for 2009 and sees Fierce! partnering with our friends at the Ikon Gallery.



Reverend Billy will arrive from the US with his Choir of Life after Shopping on to appear in Birmingham, his only Midlands gig, on Friday 29th May for an early evening performance outside the Ikon Gallery in Brindley Place at 5.30pm, so if you feel that we’re suffering from shopping overload, if you’re concerned about a world rife with global advertising, multi-national control, global warming, packaging and supermarket domination in a profit driven and dirty world, then bring your placards and come on down, because help is at hand!

Reverend Billy is an infamous New York-based performance artist and activist who is banned from every Starbucks in the US. Here is some of Rev Billy in action from YouTube.

Whilst in Birmingham for ‘The UK Shopocalypse’ Reverend Billy will be looking to engage with local groups who empathise with his beliefs of:

• Supporting and advocating sustainable consumption
• Encouraging and establishing strong local economies
• Defending free speech, peaceful assembly and public space

If you would like to help inform Reverend Billy’s trip to Birmingham call 0121 244 8080.


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