Shift Happens by Mark Ball

Mark Ball, our founder and part-time Creative Director, has been published in an Austrailian publication – Artsline. The article talks about his pioneering and innovative work with social media, here with Fierce! (MyFierceFestival), the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) and now LIFT (London International Festival of Theatre).

“In January I was privileged to be invited to Perth by the Department of Culture and the Arts to participate as a Major Production Fund panel member and to meet with arts organisation to discuss the potential opportunities brought about by the rapid proliferation of Web 2.0 technologies, in particular Social Media tools. At that time, I was preoccupied with how the Royal Shakespeare Company could produce activity in the digital realm to connect and interact with a range of new, global audiences.

I am now Artistic Director of LIFT, the London International Festival of Theatre, and am keen to see this organisation at the forefront of thinking about our digital futures.”

Read ‘Shift Happens’ for yourself!


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