‘Fierce! festival promises to be bold, brave and naughty’

Terry Grimley from the Birmingham Post recently met with Fierce’s newly appointed artistic directors, Laura and Harun. His article appeared in last weeks post and is online now.

They talk about their past, the Fierce legacy, the future and moving to Birmingham:

‘Initially, I assumed that McDermott and Morrison would not be lured away from the London scene and that Fierce! would be in for a period of programming by remote control. In fact, I could not have been more wrong.

“A lot of people seem to assume that, but for us it doesn’t seem possible not to come and be embedded in the city,” says Laura. “I think the really big discovery for me so far is the incredible energy here.”

“We feel that Birmingham is on the cusp of having its moment as the next big cultural centre,” says Harun.’

Terry’s meeting comes following the announcement of their appointment and Anna Blackaby’s coverage ‘Fierce Festival takes on new artistic directors’ and our blog post here.

We’re excited about what the future holds, we hope you are too!


One thought on “‘Fierce! festival promises to be bold, brave and naughty’

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