Supersonic Festival call for volunteers and photographers

Capsule’s annual Supersonic Festival, which this year has moved to the weekend of October 22nd to 24th, is looking for volunteers to help out over the festival in return for a wristband, and “professional quality photographers to help us document the festival”. Our own Helga Henry runs the popular tea & cake stall, and wrote about the joy of volunteering in the Birmingham Post last year;

Helga Henry: Dreaming of a cool tea shop Jul 20 2009

Next weekend I will be able to live out one of my favourite daydreams.

I can pretend I run a tea shop.

But not just any tea shop. A happening tea shop
with great cakes, a diverse clientele and an eclectic and thrilling line-up of live music.

cakes from

I have offered my services as a volunteer at Capsule’s Supersonic Festival in downtown Digbeth. Boasting a world-class programme of music, film, art (and cake
!), it’s the ultimate weekend music festival, without the mud. It may seem an odd thing, when you already work in one festival, to volunteer for another. But strangely that’s part of the attraction.

I love to be part of the team that delivers a memorable experience for the audience and artists. I am also profoundly grateful on this occasion my responsibility does not extend beyond ensuring the water keeps boiling and monitoring cake portions.

The arts and cultural scene relies on the participation and contribution of volunteers. Volunteering is the backbone of much cultural endeavour. It doesn’t get talked about very much, yet it is of enormous value.

According to the Voluntary Arts Network, volunteers “play a vital role in promoting community cohesion and pump an estimated £50 million into the economy each year.”

Fierce! relies every year on a magnificent volunteer army to make sure that events take place smoothly, that artists are cared for and those important audience surveys are completed. Like most cultural organisations, our directors also participate on an unpaid basis. The governance of even the largest arts institution is carried out by people who want to contribute to the success of the company and who enjoy playing a part (behind the scenes) in its artistic output.

Why else do people volunteer?

Because it is fun, you meet new people and you have so many experiences you might otherwise miss out on.

I gained most of my formative management experience by sitting on voluntary boards and dealing with accounts, staff disciplinary or redundancy matters and strategic planning. Issues you might not experience in your day job until you are significantly more senior.

It appreciably enhanced my commercial know-how, not to mention my networks of contacts and friends.

So if I’ve whetted your appetite to get involved, why not join in?

The call for volunteers is here;

Supersonic needs YOU!

Capsule’s internationally renowned festival runs 22nd to 24th October 2010 and there’s plenty of opportunities to get involved as a volunteer. The festival is small enough for everyone involved to gain not just an overview of how the festival works, but to give real value and be part of a dynamic team.

We need a team of volunteers to help deliver the festival over the weekend of the event itself – we are looking for people to work over the festival weekend 22nd -24th October and in the run up to Supersonic from early October onwards. We expect a minimum of 12 hrs over the festival period in exchange for a weekend wristband.

In addition we are looking for professional quality photographers to help us document the festival

How to apply:
To apply send an email to volunteer[at]
Mark in the SUBJECT of the email VOLUNTEER or PHOTOGRAPHER

We will send you an application form, which you need to fill out and email back to us before the deadline which is the 21st September. There will then be a meeting on the evening of the 22nd of September to find out more about the festival and to meet the team.

Please note, unfortunately we can only receive applications from people over 18 years of age.

For further info about the festival check:

Please feel free to spread the word.


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