Welcome a New(ish)Team Member

Fierce Earth are delighted to announce that the team has expanded to welcome Dean Melbourne as Trainer and Projects Co-ordinator.

 If you have attended one of our Fast Forward or Be Effective courses over the last couple of years you may have met Dean working in his capacity as course assistant, a role most famed for his skilful magement of Helga’s hydration and caffeine level.

Believe it or not Dean’s career background is not in the hot beverage industry but in that of Visual Arts and Education. As a practising painter and print-maker Dean continues to grow and develop his practise and is passionate about the role that training like Metapod can play for an early career artist/creative business. 

Dean first encountered Metapod training as a participant and he joins a band of talented individuals, like independent producer and Fierce Earth associate Gemma Thomas, who have “risen through the ranks” of Metapod training as their own talents and career has progressed.

His passion for the arts and education was developed as a lecturer at Stourbridge College. Lecturing across a broad range of levels and disciplines has lead Dean to increase his belief in a no jargon approach that demystifies apparently complex ideas. Something very much in line with Fierce Earth’s training philosophy.

 More recently Dean has tested these theories as part of the Education and Outreach team at Wolverhampton Art gallery where he has worked to engage 5 to 105 year olds with Contemporary Art as an Art Interpreter.

 Among Dean’s roles will include co-delivering Metapod courses, developing new courses and content and taking care of FE’s blogging, tweeting etc. He will be available to answer your queries about current or forthcoming training opportunities as well as developing new and exciting projects.


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