Fierce Earth sponsor this month’s Social Media Cafe

Just a quick note to say that in order to spread the word about the great opportunity to come on Metapod Connect, we thought we’d buy everyone a drink!

Well everyone at Town Hall cafe on Friday 26th August from 1000 – 1200 that is.

Unusually, this Metapod course is open to applicants rather than having a specific “invitation only list”. We are working out how best to spread the word and make sure as many of you as possible find the course and how your business or artistic practice might benefit. “Networking” is not all cheesy opening lines and giving out business cards. “Social Media” is not all about talking tecchie jargon and three letter acronymns. Far from it. In fact, if something (cheesy-ness/tech-speak) makes you cringe, you’ll avoid it. But networks are the very stuff that have your business or artistic practice grow, live and thrive. This course is about building relationships slowly and organically and EFFECTIVELY over time.

Given that Connect is a course all about networking and making connections in a way that works for you, we thought we’d spread the word using our networks old and new.

I (Helga) have never managed to make it to the Birmingham Social Media Cafe, but it’s been going for a while now and I always hear great things about it. So while lots of the people there may be very established and skilled at building business relationships we want to see if THEY will talk about the opportunity to their networks.

It’s called the “multiplier effect”. And email, blogs, Facebook and Twitter make the multiplier effect as easy as a click of a mouse.

But you can do it offline too: so that’s what we’re going to try. We’re interested to track the correlation between what we do to spread the word and how that converts into applications for the course.

So if you are going to BSMC this month – say hi to Dean and find out more about what’s on offer.


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