Sponsoring Birmingham Social Media Cafe

This morning Fierce Earth were delighted to sponsor this months BSMC at Town Hall.

What a very lovely bunch of people turned up on a very grey, soggy morning. It was good turn out and would thoroughly recommend it as a great place to meet some very interesting people. I do believe there was even an Incubator and a localizer present.

The highlight was a recent graduate(didnt get a contact for him) who was hustled in from the street wearing a I need a job banner with his twitter name around his neck. He had already got one interview while sitting on a step with a sign with his skills listed! If anyone has his details then wish him luck from us and we would love to know how things go.

We were able to spread the word a little about the upcoming Metapod Connect course and Dean was able to put a few faces to some twitter handles as he settles into working in Birmingham.

If you forgot to pick up a leaflet about the course or you would like to read the articles again please see Helga’s article a couple of posts back. Or Pete Ashton’s here http://ash10.com/2011/08/son-of-metapod-connect/

Dean doing his thang (Must take hands out of pocket!) at the BSMC

Many thanks to Karen Strunks for organising and the lovely Ella for looking after our coffe needs.

We hope to see you all next time!


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