Introducing…Daniela Bassi

Hi everybody!

I’m Daniela, 26, from Italy and I will work at Fierce Earth for the next 3 months as a trainee. I took a three-years degree in Communication Sciences and I’m also a singer. I come from a small town in the countryside, so when I arrived in Birmingham I was really scared and homesick. I felt a very tiny girl and B’ham is so huge!

My first two days at Fierce Earth I  attended the Metapod Connect course. First I was a little confused about it because of the language. I’ve been studied English so many years so I didn’t suspect it was so difficult to me to understand. Anyway, I listened to Helga Henry speaking and I thought immediately she was a great entertainer. She does her work with with passion and transfers positive emotions to other people. After the first day course, we went to the Radisson Blue to have dinner, it was a great night with great food and great people!

So, despite of the fact that I can’t understand every single word, I felt inspired by the main content of the course and now I’m mor confident in exploring the opportunities of web and social media.

And what about the city?! I’m exploring it as well! It seems a neverending city to me, it’s funny! Little by little I know nice people and I’m starting to speak a little bit more, even if I’m not so good yet. I feel less homesick, but I miss singing very much, so I would like find some musicians to sing with. Anyway, my work at Fierce Earth has just started and I still have got a lot of things to learn, so…See you soon!!!





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