Some times we host stuff you know. TEDX brum 2012


This Saturday saw the inaugural TEDX Brum take place at a sunny and bustling MAC at Canon Hill Park.

Helga and I were delighted to have been invited to host the day. It gave me my first chance to host an event not to mention our first time hosting as a team. With the addition of Big Ted as technical advisor!

The whole experience was fantastic and made more so by the very dedicated and professional team of volunteers that have been working on making this happen for almost a year.  They did such a great job, an event that the city can be proud to have produced.

I was excited enough just to be at the event. I am a huge TED fan, and have been almost evangelical at times introducing people to it, so to be in the room to hear the speakers first hand was a treat in itself. And what great speakers and performers.

My surprise of the day? A performance by word artist Leon Burke had the audience captivated by his rhythmic and beautifully delivered piece about handling relationships. He manages to be laugh out loud funny, honest, hard and vulnerable at time even in one sentence.

With speakers talking about issues as diverse a online privacy and the power of speaking your truth. We were all challenged, inspired and stimulated. You can find out details about the speakers and now watch the stream of the event at The videos of talks are being edited and will also be available on the TEDX Brum site

Hosting was really a wonderful way to be involved in the event and we really enjoyed it. For me it was a huge learning curve and I cant wait to get the chance to do something similar in the future.

That said Helga has bags of experience doing this kind of thing, so if you are looking for a host or a pair of hosts to guide an audience through a conference or symposium,  get the best possible response to speakers and content and to keep people distracted during technical glitches then please get in touch.


Images by Nick Powell

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