Consultation Event at Stan’s Cafe @AE Harris 11/12/2012



Our main consultation event took place yesterday (11/12/12) at Stan’s Cafe Africa space at AE Harris. Around 60 people braved a very cold day (not at all African!) to meet together and answer the following questions.

What do you feel most confident about?

What can you now take a lead on, to support outdoor arts development in the West Midlands?

What is distinctive or unique about Outdoor arts in the WM?

What can you lead ?

In terms of creating, producing, presenting and/or supporting outdoor arts events, performances and happenings,

What are the main opportunities?

What do you as individuals want to learn or develop?

What do you as a community want to learn of develop?


All of the great responses were collected and displayed on washing lines, large scale maps of the region and time lines around the space.


We would like to extend our thanks to those of you that came along and took part whole heatedly. The energy of the group made the afternoon a real pleasure!


If you weren’t able to make it  you will have your chance to have your voice heard when we send out our questionnaire later this week.


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