Inspirational learning

Learning new skills can open up a whole new world for you

Our learning work is found in our training courses, development programmes, learning events and mentoring schemes.

Fierce Earth learning takes a holistic approach to development and nurturing your skills –  helping you to create an ambitious independent vision and give you a strategy to work towards that vision.

Our courses and learning activities develop an ability to build strong and lasting relationships that will enable sustainable creative careers and businesses.

Our training content is devised and curated from a range of sources that will serve to bring a fresh perspective from across sectors. We deliver often difficult business concepts in a way that is palatable to creatives.

A hallmark of our learning work is that we use creative techniques wherever possible and seek to translate theory or into practical “hands on” exercises and experiences which brings learning to life.

Our facilitators and guest speakers are vastly experienced and are chosen for their ability to that share their experiences and communicate complex ideas. They are always inspirational and openly share their stories of success and failures with the group. This “from the horses mouth” style of delivery from people who have achieved in their industry is a powerful motivator.

We take great care to build a very safe environment to share experiences, strengths and weaknesses. This sharing creates strong bonds within groups and often results in a network of support within the group itself.

The course had a lasting impact. I am still thinking about the content and acting upon the learning. It is the most applicable course I have ever attended in terms of my needs and business.

 Metapod provides both a platform that gives you both content and tools but also, and probably more importantly, real mechanisms for effective ‘food for thought’. I wasn’t expecting the latter to be as powerful as it was.

The course exceeded my expectations. Within the first half day a secure, friendly and supportive learning environment was established which enabled an incredibly personal response to all elements of the course. One week on and the inspiration and learning from the four metapod days remains with me very powerfully. The course gave me a firm focus to take forward a vision for the company as well as some very practical ways to put this into place.

Feedback from recent participants

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