Business support & savvy

We can help your dreams take flight!

We find that our support services (coaching, mentoring and consultancy) work as a powerful “bolt-on” to our learning activities.

In confidential conversation, with a healthy mix of listening, insight, exercises and reflection, our aim is to empower you to take action.  Our support staff are skilled and empathetic:  bringing just the right blend of personal support and impartial challenge that can deliver powerful results.

Our support services can help you:

–         work out the optimal approach if you don’t know the best way forward

–         raise your confidence levels to tackle new challenges

–         address long-standing issues or rise to new roles or responsibilities

–         do what you are doing now, but with more freedom and ease

–         increase your effectiveness as a leader

–         maximise your ability to respond to situations creatively

Above all, our approaches are tailored to your specific requirements:  we respond flexibly to what works best for you to make the most of every session.

Whether you need a one-off session to give you a kick start or a slower, more profound transformation we can create a package to suit most budgets.

“With Helga’s, friendly but direct approach I was able to recognize key elements I wished to have in my life, and in my career. I was able to clearly identify what I was looking for. Within weeks I came across a post and acted decisively. I now work in an environment with the right ethos, a great team, where they celebrate success and encourage creative thinking.”

Coaching client

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