Extraordinary events

"Shards" by Lucy Cork. Image credit - Darren Washington at Iconic Images

From our history creating the now legendary Fierce Festival (now operating with Laura McDermott and Harun Morrison at the helm) and our role as midwife to the fabulous Wunderbar Festival, creating events with audiences at their heart is in our DNA.

We are still producers of creative events including the Biting Back seminar in March 2011 and the Place, Space and Identitycommissions in Stoke-on-Trent.

Fabric Walk by Anoushka Athique: image credit - Darren Washington - Iconic images

“What was particularly impressive was the boldness and ambition with which the organizers approached the project, for which they deserve enormous credit”

Quote about PSI3 in The Sentinel (Art Scene with Neil Bird)

Fierce Earth are interested in delivering excellence that is tailored to our clients’ needs.  We know it will be important to “hit the ground running” and we are skilled at uncovering the potential of a project and encouraging participation and buy-in.  We have the contacts, know-how, sensitivity and track record to ensure that the programme is a success.  We bring significant expertise as regards facilitation and the best way to structure a series of events and advocacy work.  We constantly seek to add value.

Our track record of events and festivals, as well as working with organisations such as Switchboard and Creative Republic has demonstrated our ability to bring groups of creatives together in order for them to work in a more sustainable way.  We constantly strive to put the work of creative individuals and organisations on the world cultural map – and have done so to great acclaim for over 14 years now.

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