We love…

Fierce Earth is lucky to work with a number of wonderful, creative and exciting individuals and organisations.  Fierce Earth “Friends and Family” are our cool friends – the people who inspire us and contribute to our learning activities and our talented former members of staff, interns and volunteers.

Fierce Earth Fans are people and organisations we are proud to call clients and Fierce Earth Feel-Goods feature the stuff we love online – companies, websites, apps and twitterfeeds.

If you want to be featured on the “We love…” page of our site, just contact us.

Fierce Earth “Friends and Family”

Andy Bass of Bass Clusker Consulting:  Andy likes to describe himself as our “philistine in residence” – but don’t let that fool you.  Andy’s clear thinking, his ability to articulate and share top-level business thinking and strategy and (most importantly) his ability to translate that theory into practical, do-able action make Andy a wonderful and valued collaborator.  His sessions are consistently a highlight of our residential courses:

“the [exercise] Andy did was the most powerful aspect of the four days for me”.

Gemma Thomas is a freelance producer with whom we created Place Space and Identity in summer 2011. Like Dean Melbourne, Gemma met Fierce Earth originally as an attendee of Metapod Be Effective.  Since then she has worked on a number of projects and initiatives including Elemental, and a number of  Fierce Festival events.

Fierce Earth Fans

Rewired PR

Birmingham City Council

Stoke-on-Trent City Council

Arts Council England, West Midlands

Fierce Earth Feel-Goods

We can heartily recommend:

www.brainpickings.org – the wonderful Maria Popova is @brainpicker.  Follow her for her magical curation of the web – from book recommendations to lush graphics , retro-mania and quirky films. She is the queen of interestingness.

http://www.howies.com – one of Dean’s favourites.  Howies has grown from being a niche site about bicycles and biking to a more mainstream lifestyle brand without losing it’s whole “fan” aesthetic.  We stole the “We love…” page idea from them!

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